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Hand Car Wash

Hand Car Wash

It is a mistake to think that a dirty car is only unattractive to look at. Today, dirt contains many harmful substances that can easily corrode the car body.
Manual contactless and complete car wash.
In our salon we do the most requested service car wash. We have an individual approach to each client and their car.
We offer the following options for washing vehicles:

  • Manual
  • Contact
  • Complex

Sometimes it happens that the vehicle is polluted in such a way that hand wash is the only way to achieve ideal purity. Only the human eye can detect where a surface is already clean and where it has to be worked on further.
There are cars requiring a special approach. For those we offer contactless cleaning. They pass through a machine where water is transferred under high pressure, making it cleanse the surface of the car, while the paintwork remains in perfect condition. The car will only be clean inside and outside after a complete cleansing. We wash not only the body but also the engine so that driving the car is not only comfortable but also safe. When dust and motor oil is removed it will work like a Swiss watch.
Professional carwash service
Application of waterproof wax will ensure resistance of the paintwork from the effects of an aggressive environment. Wax protects the car from accidental minor abrasions and scratches and allows the vehicle to remain clean as long as possible.
For the car interior it is recommended to carry out cleaning and polishing of plastic parts, after which disappears dirt and minor scratches disappear. We clean leather upholstery and apply to it special emulsions.
When the body, engine and interior are sparkling clean, it only remains to blacken the tyres and then your car will look like new. We also offer chemical cleaning of the interior.


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