Disinfectant Cleaning of Car Air-Conditioning

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Disinfectant Cleaning of Car Air-Conditioning

Disinfectant Cleaning of Car Air-Conditioning

Over the course of time, many owners of cars with air-conditioning have problems with unpleasant smells caused by excess humidity in air-conditioning. The bad odor from air-conditioning is not the only problem, only a part of it. Not many people realize how dangerous it can be. The real threat is the different types of bacteria quickly growing under the dashboard. Some of them may be life-threatening, such as "legionella". A bad odor coming from air-conditioning is a sure sign of contamination. In the summer, drivers quite often complain about a cold and blame air-conditioning for it; however, the real reason is not the difference in temperatures but the bacteria and fungi growing in the piping system. These microorganisms thrive in a warm and humid microclimate. This is the main reason why air-conditioning should be kept clean and why antiseptic cleaning of car air-conditioning, which is disinfection removing pathogenic fungal formations, should be performed. This procedure needs to be done preventively at least once a year, but better yet twice a year – before and after the season where air-conditioning is used. Such a procedure prevents the occurrence of bad smells and the risk of respiratory diseases in the summer. Comprehensive air-conditioning disinfection – we thoroughly disinfect your car air-conditioning. Immediate effect – you will immediately feel the difference in the quality of air: you will be able to breathe easier and you will be no longer bothered by a bad odor. Think about your health inside your car – the cleaning of your air-conditioning will help you to prevent respiratory and allergic diseases and a bad odor. Air-conditioning should be cleaned more often than once a year in order to effectively maintain a good ecological environment inside your car. Our specialists use the German car air-conditioning cleaner SONAX to clean air-conditioning. It is absolutely safe for people while it kills bacteria and fungi!


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