Chemical cleaning of car interiors

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Chemical cleaning of car interiors

Chemical cleaning of car interiors

Chemical cleaning of car interiors is a necessary procedure for each car aficionado. It enhances and cleans the interior clean appearance and extends the useful life of the car upholstery.
Wenzel Car Wash offers professional cleaning of car interiors. Our experts use the most modern chemical cleaning agents. For every type of upholstery we have special detergents. They are reliable and high-quality, are effective to the material depth and clean without disturbing the structure. Using these detergents it is possible to remove pollution of all type and degree.
Chemical cleaning of car interiors will assure your comfort for a long time.
Such cleaning involves a number of activities. First of all, our specialist will assess the extent and the nature of all dirtied interior surfaces. Dry cleaning of the interior follows and all stains in the upholstery are removed, and leather, fabric and plastic surfaces worn through.
In the second phase of chemical cleaning the interior surfaces are dried and treated with emulsions and sprays. After such cleaning the interior surfaces possess excellent qualities:

  • Resistance to water and dirt of all sorts
  • Antistatic properties

Every customer can order from us a quality and professional chemical cleaning of the interior. This procedure should be carried out regularly because car upholstery gradually accumulates dirt, dust and unpleasant smells. Thanks to cleaning the surfaces of fabrics, their colours and softness of skin will be preserved for a long time.
Using special detergents stains will be easily removed during subsequent cleaning.
Your car will be cared for to a professional standard by the specialists of the Wenzel Car Wash salon. Book our chemical cleaning service by telephone or on our website. We also offer car body polishing.


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